Think dataflow to accelerate research, mobilize information, and master complex projects.



  • High-throughput pipelines
  • Custom workflows and components
  • Specialized dataflow systems
  • Instrument integration


  • Application of scientific workflow systems
  • Workflow lifecycle management


  • Project chartering
  • Requirements exploration
  • Tool selection


  • Scientific data management
  • Data provenance
  • Software parallelization
  • Hardware accelerators

About AbsoluteFlow

Welcome to AbsoluteFlow, a software development and consulting firm applying dataflow approaches to scientific research. AbsoluteFlow offers services to academic, government, and industrial labs seeking to automate and streamline their research and development processes.

Flexible workflows

AbsoluteFlow can help organizations design, develop, and deploy large-scale scientific workflows that combine experimental and computational stages. These flexible pipelines can interface with existing instrumentation, sample handling systems, and data management infrastructure.

Services include developing new components for widely available scientific workflow automation frameworks, integrating automated workflows with existing computing hardware and software, and extending and customizing workflow systems as needed. For the most demanding requirements, we can develop new dataflow-oriented software frameworks to meet specific needs.

Developer Training

AbsoluteFlow aims to enable research organizations to fully exploit dataflow-oriented approaches. We offer training on how to effectively use scientific workflow systems, develop new components for them, and maintain multiple, rapidly evolving versions of workflows. AbsoluteFlow also provides training on tools and methodologies that greatly facilitate complex development projects involving distributed research and development teams.

Project Support

AbsoluteFlow can help organize projects for success by ensuring the flow of information between project stakeholders, researchers, and developers at each stage. We can help you define your projects through chartering and get your project moving in the right direction through explorations of your actual requirements.

AbsoluteFlow also can advise research groups writing grant proposals that include data-intensive computing and software development components. We can help investigators plan, organize, and execute projects to maximize productivity once funds are awarded.

Research Collaboration

AbsoluteFlow investigates the cutting edge of dataflow approaches and their applications to science. Consider collaborating on novel research in structural biology, genomics, and computer science.

General research topics include dataflow languages and provenance management. Of particular interest are investigations into how dataflow approaches can be used to best exploit heterogeneous computing resources including multicore systems, cloud-based processors, GPUs, and custom hardware accelerators based on FPGAs.

Timothy McPhillips

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