Think dataflow to accelerate research, mobilize information, and master complex projects.



  • High-throughput pipelines
  • Custom workflows and components
  • Specialized dataflow systems
  • Instrument integration


  • Application of scientific workflow systems
  • Workflow lifecycle management


  • Project chartering
  • Requirements exploration
  • Tool selection


  • Scientific data management
  • Data provenance
  • Software parallelization
  • Hardware accelerators

Timothy McPhillips - Selected Talks

Stanford Synchrotron Radiation Laboratory

AutoDrug – Automated Scientific Workflows for Fragment Based Drug Discovery using RestFlow. Presentation at DIALS: Diffraction Integration for Advanced Light Sources, Workshop 3. LBNL, February 2013.

RestFlow – A Dataflow System for Automating Scientific Workflows at Macromolecular Crystallography Beam Lines. Invited presentation at the New Advances in Crystallography with Synchrotrons and X-FELs workshop, in conjunction with the 2011 SSRL/LCLS Users’ Meeting, October 2011.

UC Davis Genome Center

Formalized data acquisition platforms: Collecting, managing, and sharing scientific data and provenance. Invited presentation at the iPlant Grand Challenge Workshop on the Mechanistic Basis of Plant Adaptation, Biosphere 2, October 2008.

Project histories: Managing data provenance across collection-oriented workflow runs. Presented at the 4th International Workshop on Data Integration in the Life Sciences, June 2007.

Accelerating scientific discovery through bioinformatics workflows. Presentation at the Genome Center Symposium, December 2006.

Essential Requirements for Kepler: The Genome Center as an Example. Presentation at the Kepler Developers Meeting, UC Davis, February 2006.

Capturing Provenance from Collection-Oriented Workflows. Presentation at SDSC Provenance Workshop, San Diego Supercomputer Center, January 2006.

Natural Diversity Discovery Project

Phylogenetics, provenance, and the public: Engaging the public in the scientific process using scientific workflow automation and Internet-accessible scientific data. Google Tech Talk, March 2006.

Building a virtual laboratory for phylogenetics research, education, and public outreach using the Kepler scientific workflow system. Invited presentation at the San Diego Supercomputer Center, Computational Science Seminar Series, October 2005.

A Phylogenetics Workflow Automation Framework for Education, Public Outreach, and Professional Research. Presentation at Evolution 2005, University of Alaska, Fairbanks, June 2005.

Stanford Synchrotron Radiation Laboratory

Requirements for Data Collection Systems: Blu-Ice in Retrospect. Invited presentation at the Protein Crystallography Technology and Logistics Collaboration Workshop at the 2004 Users Meeting for the Advanced Photon Source, Argonne National Laboratory, May 2004.

Automated Sample Loop Centering At SSRL. Presentation at the Crystallography Beam Line Automation Workshop, Stanford Synchrotron Radiation Laboratory, October 2003.

Control Systems, Collaboratories, and the Grid: Integration of Resources for High-Throughput Crystallography. Invited presentation at the High-Throughput Crystallography Workshop at the 2003 Users Meeting for the Advanced Photon Source, Argonne National Laboratory, April 2003.

From the Collaboratory to the Grid: Remote Access to High-Throughput Macromolecular Crystallography Beam Lines. Presentation at the West Coast Protein Crystallography Workshop, Asilomar, California, March 2003.

What should the features of high-level interfaces to automated macromolecular crystallography beam lines be? Presented at the Integrated Software for Structural Genomics and High-Throughput Structural Biology Workshop, Stanford University, July 2002.

Collaborative Data Collection with Blu-Ice. Presentation at the Structural Molecular Biology Software Development Workshop, Stanford Synchrotron Radiation Laboratory, September 18, 2000.

Evolution of the Collaboratory. Presentation at NOBUGS 3: New Opportunites for Better User Group Software Workshop, Daresbury Laboratory, UK, June 2000.

Distributed Control Systems at SSRL: Constraints for Software Development Strategies. Presentation at the Joint Collaboratory Meeting, San Diego Supercomputer Center, September 1999.

Distributed Beam Line Control System at SSRL. Presented at the NOBUGS 2: New Opportunites for Better User Group Software Workshop, Argonne National Laboratory, December 1997.

Timothy McPhillips

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